Online 1-on-1 sessions

Online 1-on-1 sessions all about you

Do you want to find more peace in your daily life?

Are you interested in sparking healing and balancing vibrations in your body?

Do you want to get in touch with your core and create balance in your mind, body, and soul?

Then 1-on-1 song therapy sessions are perfect for you.

What is song therapy?

Song therapy is a gentle, natural treatment that helps restore balance to your mind and body. Song therapy works with sound, song, and the voice. In a 1-on-1 session, I’ll play healing instruments and sing intuitively to you and your body. The aim is to calm your nervous system and relieve the tension in your body. It’s almost a kind of internal massage.

Song therapy is a collaboration between the client and the therapist. As a therapist, it’s my responsibility to show you compassion and make sure you feel comfortable throughout the session. I create the sound and resonance that has a healing effect on you. To do this, I apply my knowledge as a singer, song therapist, and coach. I also use visualisation exercises and sound meditation. You’ll experience a lightness of body and mind after the first session.

During a session, it’s mainly me using my voice. You’ll participate through breathing exercises and, in some cases, humming exercises.

What happens during an online 1-on-1 song therapy session?

Your session takes place on Zoom. When you have internet access, you can participate through your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
You’ll receive a link by email, and you’ll open that 5-10 minutes before our session. It’s a good idea to test your sound and image before the session. You can do that using this link

About the session itself

  • We start each session with a conversation about your wants and needs.
  • Based on this conversation, I put together some short exercises that we go through at our own pace. The exercises are simple and easy to integrate into your daily life.
  • At the end, you sit/lie down in a calm place. You receive song therapy, and I guide you to feeling your body. You might be asked to visualise what you want to attract in life.

It’s ideal not to have any appointments after the session, so you can take the time you need to be kind and treat yourself. You might experience a passing sense of tiredness, feel on top of the world, or find tears streaming silently down your cheeks. These are all completely normal reactions. If you’re particularly sensitive, you might also notice mild vibrations in your system. This is normal too. It’s your energy network—the chakras—balancing themselves.

If you suffer from severe stress or are being treated for cancer, I recommend getting 5 sessions, so you can maintain the positive vibrations in your mind and body over a longer period of time.

Your physical framework

It’s important to find the ideal framework for these sessions. You need to be in a comfortable warm room where you can sit, undisturbed, for the entire session. It might be a good idea to keep a glass of water and a blanket within reach.

This is your time, and it’s essential that you take responsibility for creating the ideal framework for the session to allow yourself to get as much out of it as possible.

The session gets recorded and sent to you afterwards, so you can go back over it and do the exercises again and again. You might benefit from listening to the song therapy multiple times to let your body really take in the vibration.
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”Anne not only has a beautiful, giving heart and a stunning voice, her intuition is also spot on. I worked with Anne during a bit of a turbulent time in my life and she sensed what I was feeling so clearly, and before I even did. I am so grateful to Anne for the service she provides. I would highly recommend working with her”.
Fran Agbaosi, United Kingdom

”I received so much more than expected from this beautiful wise woman. She has a very comforting warm energy in which she took me on a journey inside of myself. I came back full of answers, healing and the best of all; a better relationship with myself”.
Pauline Jaclard, Belgium


A single session costs € 200 and lasts 1 hour. In a single session, I can relieve tension in your body and re-establish a healthy vibration in your body. You can also use the session to gain clarity regarding questions in your life.

You can buy 5 sessions for € 800 (€ 160 per session). This allows you to go even deeper and maintain the positive vibrations in your mind and body. I recommend multiple sessions for anyone with severe stress and anyone undergoing treatment for illnesses like cancer. The sessions can be redeemed for up to 6 months after purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me on +45 23 47 03 07 or send an email to I look forward to hearing from you.