About Anne

I’m passionate about making a difference

As a child, my dream was to help cure my mum or at least make her feel better (she struggled with narcolepsy). I was living in constant fear of her dying, and I desperately wanted to find a miracle cure. In the end, my mum discovered my talent for singing and sent me to vocal lessons and choir practice.

These days, I know that song has a natural healing effect on the mind and body that gives us more balance and more energy to help us cope with the difficult times. Singing has an amazing impact on our health. So, why not use it? I’ve found my miracle cure.

Now, my goal is to help people find a sense of calm, closeness, energy, and balance in their lives. That makes both their minds and bodies healthier.

My work is built around three things:

  1. What happens when I sing to create calm, balance, and happiness in people (concerts with heart song)?
  2. What happens when people use sound, voice, and singing on their own (webinars, workshops, and courses)?
  3. Developing and selling access to playlists to which the individual can listen to optimise their calm condition.

When we feel balanced within ourselves, it’s easier to get through the hard times in our lives. And we find it easier to connect to our inner core.
I have a background as a singer, sound therapist, and stress coach, and as a person, I’m communicative, open, and empathic.
I’m convinced that it’s a matter of time before song becomes a part of our public hospitals, like in Germany, where there’s singing and the patients actively listen to calming heart song to optimise their healing.
Do you want to help me spread the message of the impact of song on health? Then I’d be grateful if you would become an ambassador for me and share my newsletters and the videos on my YouTube-channel with others who might benefit from them.

May your cells be healthy and full of song, and may you be in tune with your core.