Heart Song

Find peace with heart song

Heart song is a term I’ve coined. But it’s nothing new. Our ancestors used it, and we still use it today, although subconsciously.
Imagine a mother humming softly to her child. The sound is calming, and the intention to create a sense of calm is loaded with compassion. That’s what heart song is—an opportunity to create a healing effect and show compassion to other people through song.

Heart song is like being showered in a loving sound meditation

The special thing about heart song is that the music and tempo are always calm and that they reach the depths of the recipient’s heart.

Many people describe a feeling of “landing” when they listen to heart song.

Studies from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm show that by singing calm music together, the heartbeat of a group synchronises and falls to a resting heart rate. I’m convinced that we can find a calm resting heart rate when we listen actively with our hearts.

Heart song can be intuitive or use lyrics. The great thing about intuitive heart song is that the brain gets a break.

The heart songs I’ve composed all have positive lyrics. In my experience, we need to fill ourselves with healing vibrations in times of despair, pain, and stress—and that includes lyrics.

I often record playlists filled with heart song. Use them if you:

  • want to calm your system for chemotherapy and similar treatments;
  • want to improve your sleep;
  • suffer from stress;
  • want to help yourself find peace after a busy day;
  • want to use sound for wellness and a loving meditation.

Do you want to give a group of people access to my playlists to find peace through heart song? Then get in touch on +45 23 47 03 07.

If you’re an individual, you can buy access straight from the shop by clicking here.

If you’re interested in a 30 minutes rebalancing virtual concert of heart songs for

  • you and your loved ones
  • a patient group
  • your employees

you can read more about this under concert. You’re also welcome to get in touch on +45 23 47 03 07 for further information.

About Musical Storytelling

Musical storytelling is a combination of heart song that speaks to your emotions, music that stimulates your senses, and storytelling. Really, it’s the oldest artform with a modern twist.

Throughout history, families have passed down their stories around campfires and used song to prop up the stories and liberate emotions like happiness, anxiety, and anger. I’ve invented my own kind of storytelling.

I write the stories and compose the songs to support them myself. The stories are different, but there’s one thing they all have in common—they leave space for reflection and ideas for improving wellbeing and quality of life.

I recently went to the studio to record musical storytelling for “Aurora”. The main character is stressed. She goes through an awful lot. Everything works out in the end, of course.

In the story, I walk the listener through a guided breathing exercise to lower the level of stress hormones.

You can buy musical storytelling for “Aurora” under shop. Your purchase gives you access to an mp3 file that can be downloaded to your computer. Then you can listen to the file whenever and wherever you need.

Musical Storytelling for groups

The most vulnerable groups of people need to be met and reflected gently and compassionately in life. If you’re working with a group of people that fit this description, you can now treat them to a concert of heart song or musical storytelling to give them something to think about and reflect on.

How Musical Storytelling happens

Imagine a bright and comfortable room with a wonderful atmosphere. Around the room, a group of adults have settled in. Some are on chairs. Others lounge in chill-out zones, and others still have decided to lie down on the floor. Some of them have open eyes while others have closed theirs. What they all have in common is that they’re listening actively and losing themselves in stories and song—just like children do.

Through stories and songs, the participants experience peace and harmony. And while they listen, they reflect quietly, drawing parallels to their own lives.

Musical storytelling is a great option if you want to encourage group reflection and shared experiences.

“My body feels restless, and I get waves of nausea, a heavy chest, and difficulty breathing for no reason. After listening to your heart songs, I feel ‘cleansed’, cared for, and supported with light and love. And I have faith that everything will be all right. While listening to your wonderful voice, I didn’t feel bad in any way. You guided my thoughts to a better place, and that left my body in a better place too. Thank you.”

Anna Steinmüller, Denmark


“I was pretty sceptical in the beginning because my brain is quite square. But I have to admit, Anne’s beautiful voice touched something within me that’s normally out of reach—and that in itself was eye-opening. I enjoyed the whole thing and got in touch with myself in a new, much deeper way.”

Winnie Linnet, mother to a child with cancer

“Anne has a unique ability to ‘reach her listeners’ through story and song. Her voice goes straight to the heart and releases tension in the mind and body on a deep level.”

Jørn Nørtoft, manager and owner of Copenhagen Yoga

How long does it last, and what does it cost?

Interested in getting access to heart song playlists to use with patients, stressed individuals, and other vulnerable groups? Then get in touch and we can talk about prices and number of downloads.

A heart song concert usually lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

The price of the concert depends on the number of participants, whether you want a physical or online concert, and when the concert takes place. On top of that, there are factors such as whether I’m performing alone or bringing other musicians. The price of a daytime heart song concert in the Copenhagen area for up to 30 people usually starts at € 675, not including transportation.

Get in touch on +45 23 47 03 07 to discuss your needs.

A musical storytelling including introduction and space for reflection and dialogue lasts 1.5 hours in total.

Musical storytelling depends on the commute and the number of participants. The price of a daytime storytelling in the Copenhagen area for up to 30 people usually starts at € 675, not including transportation.

If you want an expanded event with shared sound meditation etc. to further balance and dissolve tension in the mind and body, that’s also possible.

Prices from € 400 before VAT for every subsequent hour.