Balancing Concert

An unforgettable experience with heart songs for calm and wellbeing

Do you want to help you members, employees or loved ones find peace, relaxation, and inner joy? Then a balancing concert with heart songs is the perfect fit for you.

You have the opportunity to get a 30 minute online concert, or 45 minutes live concert.

The concert is like an enjoyable sound meditation that uses gentle healing vibrations to affect the body and inspire a sense of peace in the mind and can help to manage stress. It’s a new kind of wellness that can even relieve pain.

A balancing concert consists of:

  • sound baths and intuitive songs to help the brain relax;
  • heart songs to give you a sense of calm, composed by me;
  • the option to hum or sing along, should you want to.

Together on our own

You can now book an online concert with me. For this event, the participants join the concert separately. The participants get access to a concert from the comfort of their own home. And they can join in with sound, voice, and song to get all the healthy vibrations going without being nervous about their health.

An online concert is also for you, who want to gather friends and family around a familymember in need.

In practice, we meet through a closed session on my YouTube Channel. You’ll receive an invitation link that you forward to the participants that we’ve agreed on.

We all meet online at the time of the concert, using the link.

Concert on premises provided by you

You can also book me for a concert on premises provided by you.

For these concerts, the participants can be arranged in a normal concert setup or lie down on their own mats. It depends on the room and the number of participants.

For smaller concerts, I come by myself. For larger events, I’m joined by a musician or two.

This concert is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • give wellness, peace, and healing vibrations to the members of their association;
  • host a destressing event for their employees;
  • host a different kind of concert in a church or meditative space.

The price depends on the time and number of participants, whether the concert is online or live, the number of musicians, and the commuting time.

Price for a 30 minutes balancing online concert with me alonge via YouTube for up to 15 people – € 300
Price for an online concert for up to 50 people with me and one musician – € 1,050.
Price for an online concert for up to 100 people with two musicians – € 1,680.

Do you want to hear more about a balancing concert? Get in touch or on +45 23 47 03 07.

I look forward to helping you set up a good event.

Hear a taster from a concert