4 free exercises from the 52 inspiration cards

The inspiration cards were developed to let you build a healthy daily habit to help you create balance, closeness, and wellbeing.
Here are 4 exercises for you to download free of charge. I recommend using that at least twice daily.

Download 4 free exercises

Sing along to the “Neema” heart song

You can download the “Neema” heart song here. Give it a listen and take in all the wonderful vibrations. You can also sing the song with me. That’ll release all those wonderful endorphins and strengthen your breath.
“Neema” means “bliss” in Swahili. So, give yourself 4 minutes of bliss with this simple, short heart song.

Listen to the song

Weekly input – completely free

I upload an intuitive heart song, breathing exercise, or something similar to my YouTube channel every week to help people lead lives full of healthy healing vibrations. I’d love it if you subscribed to my channel. Remember to click on the little bell next to the Subscribe button. That way, you’ll get a notification whenever I upload new content.

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