Playlist with heart songs – “Peace”


Playlist with 55 minutes of soothing music and song to find peace. Let yourself be bathed in positive, healing vibrations. NB! The songs do not need to be downloaded. They are on a link to YouTube from where you can listen to them, both from your phone and your computer whenever you need.


This combination of music, sound baths and heartsongs aims to help you find peace. Use it if you feel stressed, in pain, or have difficulty sleeping.

Via a link you get access to a playlist with 55 minutes of soothing music and song.

By saving the link, you can always log in and use the music from your phone or computer, wherever and whenever you need.

The music is composed so that it has a profound effect on your body, while the heart songs have a calming effect on your nervous system and stimulate your brain to think positive thoughts. At the beginning of the recording, you will also get a breathing exercise that will help you find your way to the core deep inside you.

In total, you will be bathed in 55 minutes of healing and positive vibrations. You get the best result by listening with hearing aids. The most important thing, though, is that it feels comfortable and nice to you.

Statement from Anna – cancer patient: “After listening, I have peace in my body and no pain. I feel cleansed, filled with light and love. As if I was floating in the universe guided by your beautiful voice.”