Help your members to a better life
– now as a webinar

When a person is struck down by illness or stress, it can have dire consequences. And unfortunately, the two can often be tied to one another because our minds and bodies are connected. Imagine a person suffering from:

  • sleep deprivation;
  • reduced concentration;
  • never-ending thoughts;
  • a weak immune system;
  • a feeling of powerlessness or sadness.

There is a way to help prevent stress that also has a positive impact on illnesses, such as cancer. I call it:

Tunes & Tones

Imagine you’re humming gently at a child. It makes the child relax. Chances are you’ll realise that your own breath has deepened and relaxed, your thoughts have gone quiet, and you’re in a better mood.

Studies show that singing lowers the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body, increasing the level of endorphins and oxytocin (the happiness and peace hormones). Due to the positive effects of song, Germany has established singing hospitals to minimise stress and optimise the healing process.

”It’s not relevant how you might think it sounds when you use your voice.
It’s about what sound, voice and song do for you, your body, your spirit and your mind.”.

The effects of Tunes & Tones

Using sound, voice, and singing to reduce tension and pain as well as free up healthy vibrations and hormones that prevent stress is nothing new. Studies show that using your breath, voice, and song:

  • improves your breathing and circulation;
  • improves your ability to focus;
  • leads to better sleep;
  • alleviates pain and lowers the need for medicine;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • reduces the level of stress hormones in the brain;
  • creates more energy and a better quality of life.

You can help your members to a better life

Are you ready to help your members find inner peace, energy, and a joy of life? Then book me for a Tunes & Tones workshop/webinar today.

What your members get with a workshop

A workshop typically lasts three hours and can be extended to suit your needs. It takes place in comfortable and bright surroundings provided by you. I arrive well in advance to set up and tune my instruments, so we’re ready to welcome the participants at the start of the workshop. During the workshop, we work with:

  • humming – using a single note to massage your body and organs from the inside;
  • heart song – where I use gentle tones to release tension in the body and mind, so a sense of calm can settle in;
  • breathing and voice exercises – to boost oxidation, so we feel more alive;
  • Sing Along – where we lift the group energy and joy of life together;
  • group dialogue – how to integrate the exercises into your daily life.

The workshop is full of fun and simple exercises. They’re easy to use and can be integrated into even the busiest day. Many of the exercises only take five minutes once you’ve learnt them.

What your members get with a webinar

The content of the webinar is more or less the same as that of the workshop. The difference is that it takes place on Zoom. We’ll sit together—on our own—and work with humming, breathing, voices, sound, and song. Even though we’re meeting online, it’s still possible to give your mood a boost and free some endorphins.

I recommend that the webinar takes place across two or three meetings. This way, the participants are energised by the session rather than drained by spending too long in front of their screens.

Get in touch on +45 23 47 03 07 to hear more.

Tunes & Tones as a course

The Tunes & Tones course builds on the same basic principles as the workshop. The advantage of the course is that we have time to go even deeper and focus on the individual participants, so they come out with healthy new habits.

A course can take between one and three days. A three-day course can take place over three consecutive days or be spaced out however you see fit.

The participants will dive deep into the theory of stress and learn how singing impacts their health. We’ll spend a lot of time doing exercises together. And most importantly, there’s space for reflection and dialogue.

At the start of the course, the participants will receive a journal. They’ll be encouraged to write about the exercises they use and how they help them find calm, balance, and wellbeing, and they’ll be asked to observe when they’re having a day that isn’t quite as good. On top of that, the participants will receive short training videos and audio files with heart songs and more, which they can use during and after the course.

The participants will experience shared song therapy where I’ll sing and play music to help them find peace.

A course as a webinar

It’s possible to do the course as a webinar. In this case, it takes place over nine meetings of two hours each.

The advantage of this alternative is that we don’t meet physically. One of the advantages of this is that the participants will be split into small groups of 3-4. They’ll use each other as buddies and bounce ideas off each other between meetings. I’ll also send out videos and audio files to the participants, so they have all the materials they can use in the comfort of their own homes.

The webinar version also includes song therapy, both from the recordings on Zoom and through short mp3 files to which I’ll give them access. I recommend using these audio files daily between meetings to help find a sense of calm in the mind as well as the body.

Interested in a webinar for your members over nine sessions? Then get in touch on +45 23 47 03 07 to hear more.

Workshop price

A three-hour workshop near Copenhagen during normal hours for up to 16 people starts at € 1,277 before VAT and transport as per the current state fare. For workshops in the rest of the country, the fee will be discussed separately.

Course price

The price of a course varies depending on the number of participants, the location, and the number of sessions.

The price for a one-day course starts at € 200 before VAT and transport per participant for a minimum of 10 participants (max. 20 participants at a one-day course). Transport, bridge fees, and any overnight expenses are not included in this price.

If you’re interested in a three-day course, get in touch with me for a price. If you need any further information from me or want some input on a course, you’re welcome to get in touch on +45 23 47 03 07 or on

“Singing is the body’s natural happiness pill. And it has absolutely no side effects.”

“Anne is an incredibly competent mentor who thoroughly inspires and knows how to cultivate a sense of safety for the participants. I noticed that the participants became better at taking responsibility for their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues”.

Helle Lindsel, Warden, Den Selvejende Institution, Søvangsgaarden